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Gabrielle has called Florida home for 20 years, although she is originally a Chicago suburb native. As a child, she was part of the foster system and has real world experience in how government + corporate systems can be detrimental to family life. With a strong will to understand more about the mechanisms + behaviors that lead to suffering, Gabrielle obtained her bachelor's degree in Psychology. Due to the governmental constraints that obtaining a license required, she opted to use her degree in less conventional ways via education and outreach. Gabrielle's well-seasoned professional journey and love of learning took her through many avenues of business, but most recently she found herself drawn to sustainable living. Gabrielle is a small business owner of a farm to table business in Palm Beach County and runs a boutique bookkeeping firm for small business.

Gabrielle is the wife of a firearm instructor and personal armorer in Palm Beach County. His upbringing in the church led to them becoming members at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens. Upon becoming a Christian and being baptized in 2019, Gabrielle began serving frequently at her church as well as becoming more involved in community outreach in any she could. She looks forward to serving in her district as her church recently opened a new location there!


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As a refresh of Women for Trump Palm Beach, Gabrielle planned events and sought to connect other like-minded conservative women during the 2020 election cycle. Gabrielle also formed a group called PBC Rise Up, an Anti-Child Trafficking Awareness group that held peaceful educational demonstrations and marches in West Palm Beach, FL. She was interviewed by a few local news stations which also helped bring awareness to the horrific statistics that the state of Florida is #3 in the country for human/child trafficking.

Her passion for politics and people led her to start her own blog - Politi-Psych, where she could share her faith journey, psychology expertise, and her deep dive into politics in the last 6-7 years. She joined the North Palm Beach Chamber Government Affairs Committee, in addition to being a member of the Florida Republican Assembly, Palm Beach Republican Club, and Palm Beach Young Republicans. More recently and in alignment with her fierce election reform efforts, Gabrielle has joined forces with United Sovereign Americans, a national effort to secure our elections. She is also a member of the Palm Beach County Republican Party REC Election Integrity Committee.


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Gabrielle is passionate about children + families as well as supporting traditional living. Her and her husband are currently looking for their future family farm in District 94. In the mid 2000's, Gabrielle lived on and managed a 15 acre animal ranch for 6 years that solidified her love for a more organic way of life and the rewarding work it takes.


Gabrielle attributes her strong drive to embark on a journey into state legislature with her growing community involvement, her church, and her desire to ensure a safe environment for her future children.  Committed to change in our state, Gabrielle Fox has set her standards high, and will not stop fighting until the FL Republican legislature truly aligns with the will of the constituents. To learn more about Gabrielle Fox for FL, please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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